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We specialise in finding what goes wrong in the technical aspects of your business; security, functionality, design, content and architecture.


Secured Technology Design & Development

Our approach to design and development of the technologies you use daily to serve your customers is our topmost priority. To make you stand out from your competitors. We offer you software, tools design and development and web applications as well.

Problem Solving

In every organisation, we believe that there are pressing challenges. The solutions we provide to these challenges stimulate growth in your organisation and help solve the problems to assure your growth rate to 99.999% high.

We offer our impressive solutions at affordable fees because we love what we do. Our source of enthusiasm is God, hard work and team work!

Database and Website Security

project alias : Protect the Lyon

The Lyon foundation is a great organisation that has a lot of information data about their customers and partners. They had a few issues with securing all their data, so we came in to improve their database and website security. By building an application to check through systems and monitoring on-going activities, they always detected a small hint of unwanted activities with a simple notification from the application.

Service Provided

Application Development

Increased Customer Satisfaction

project alias : Hold on to Good Living

With a service where a customers property is involved, Bonne Vie had to assure its customers of a sage and theft free services. In the beginning, customers only had the word of the company an insurance policy to back it up. After addressing their concerns with us, customers have the peace of mind with a secured application that shows them real-time motion movement in their homes. So there is no need to wonder how to prevent the employees of Bonne Vie from going to unauthorised places.

Service Provided

Web Development

Secured Payouts of Donations

project alias : Society matters

The NGO suffered to swiftly and easily mobilise their funds and donations from people all over the world. Their intentions are to help out society and all that may need help to find out their unique purpose in the world. We provided a secured platform that allowed them to access, manage and transfer their funds whenever! Conveniently improving the operations of the organisation so they can assure society excels 

Service Provided

Secured Payment Processing


Chief Technology Officer

Powerful individual with brilliant qualities, the man for the job! Handles daily technical operations here at for19

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Chief Operations Officer

Brilliant mind! Day to day operations at for19 have always been smooth and excellent. All operations run with efficiency and effectiveness with our capable COO.

Chief Executive Officer

Skilful in all aspects. Always maximising the performance of the employees to provide 100% to all their tasks

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