Revved Interior Online Store Design & Development

Client : Revved Interior Company
Year : 2019
Website : Revved Interior Online Store –
Service : E-commerce Website Development

Interior Design Elements and Products at Revved Interior

The Revved Interior company, was a minimalistic brand looking forward to helping its customers make the most out of what ever interior space they had. They offered simple products and design to their clients with the help of a very simple logo and e-commerce website which allows their clients to purchase interior design products to beautify their homes and interior.

RevvedInterior - design by bawuahboakye

The process for designing a functional e-commerce website for Revved Interior was very intuitive. As expected, sticking to their principles of minimalism and simplicity led to the execution of a favourable outcome.

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RevvedInterior_featured - design by bawuahboakye
RevvedInterior - design by bawuahboakye
RevvedInterior - design by bawuahboakye